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MMA Janakpuri is The Best MMA training center in Delhi & NCR. Start fighting techniques which help you in MMA tournament.

Ultimate MMA Fight Club: we've got a team of extremely old and competent trainers, we offer mixed martial arts training & classes for fitness,

self-protection, confidence building, skilled competition, and private mastery.

We have maintained a very high reputation in training of Mixed Martial Arts-MMA, Come & Train with us to become one of the best.

Ultimate MMA Fight Club is one of the best Mixed Martial Arts-MMA club in janakpuri, Delhi, India. A Martial Art can be characterized

as an arrangement of systems, physical and mental activities created as a viable method for self defense and offense,

both unarmed and with the utilization of weapons. The term Martial Arts refer to all the different frameworks of preparing

for a battle that has been masterminded or systemised. Ultimate MMA Fight Club, Here you can learn Mixed Martial Arts paying

little heed to age, sex or constraints, it is never past the point where it is possible to start rehearse. It is a cutting edge general

craft of self-protection and character improvement.

The organizer and dynamic Chief Instructor of Ultimate MMA Fight Club, janakpuri, Delhi, INDIA, who has been training of

Mixed Martial Arts for more than 15 years. (2nd-degree dark belt). 

Brijesh Yadav and his understudy Sensei Ankit Gupta speaks to Ultimate MMA Fight Club Mixed Martial Arts training in Janakpuri, INDIA,

Sensei Brijesh Yadav trained under various martial arts and his understudy Sensei Ankit Gupta is devoted to advancing Mixed Martial Arts-MMA

in all over India creating capable students. Sensei Brijesh Yadav trained many of students represents India in highly reputed International level

Championships held every year.

Mixed Martial arts-MMA  training has been gaining popularity among all sections of people, especially the youths and women, for quite sometime in India, with the coaching centres in almost every city or town bustling with enthusiastic learners of various age groups, who are more than eager to grasp the ideas of how to throw a powerful kick or make a knockout punch at their opponents. Traditional martial arts like MMA, Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muaythai, Wushu and Grappling are no doubt in high demand, while new entrants like Israeli krav maga, Thailand's Muaythai, and Russian sambo are also gaining grounds fast among the young practitioners, who are open to explore new fronts and ready to go the extra miles to learn effective techniques.


"Oh my God, you are learning karate..!!" - that awestruck expression from friends and peers (when they come to know about your martial arts training) is something makes you feel class apart, and you may in your mind see yourself playing a Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. While you have every right to be confident about your ability and sweltering training schedule, but have you ever wondered how they contribute to your real-time self defence capability..!!

There was a time long back when martial arts exponents used to spend years to harden their bodies and harvest strength to an extent to become nothing less than weapons in themselves. Those days are gone. Over the years, the idea of self defence, rooted in those traditions, has undergone enormous change with the advent of new techniques and counter-techniques.

 In today's busy and sedentary urban life, martial arts training has been conceptualised as a fitness regime. But does it also prepare you to fight a real-time hostility or whether you should use martial arts skills to get out of such situations - that remains a matter of informed debate.


Ideally, experts say, it takes years of dedicated practice to master a technique that may help you counter an opponent, who may have a better physique, or be more than one in number. But to reach that point of expertise, while maintaining physical fitness is important, proper - most significantly, scientific - guidance by an experienced martial artist is extremely necessary. As the old proverb goes, "(perfect) practice makes you perfect".

 There have been incidents, where martial arts skills have come handy in hostile situations, especially for women, who are often taken for granted as "easy targets". Martial arts training surely imparts a sense of confidence among women, but when to use them and how have always been a matter of fine judgement.

 In this context, let me cite an incident reported in local media in West Bengal, where rape and sexual molestation are routine affairs at many nondescript pockets. Two drunken habitual offenders, who had decided to target a 16-year-old girl returning home alone in the evening, had to run for their lives after she put her karate training to use, punching on the faces and kicking them where it hurts the most.

 Yes, such incidents underline why martial arts training - be it Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muaytai, Grappling or something else - is important for self defence. But as our gurus say, it is also important to know where to engage and where not to engage. After all, its better to avoid a situation than fighting it out.


Why Martial Arts Training and Classes in Janakpuri, Delhi, India

"Martial Arts Classes in Janakpuri are less about your kid figuring out how to battle others and more about battling himself. His deepest feelings of dread. Overcome them, and your kid releases inside himself an intense, relentless drive. " Dedicated Coaches.

"A compel that gives him the quality to kick down the entryways of his own self-questions, A constraint that opens your tyke to the lifting up the energy of qualities." We are directing Specialized Martial Arts programs in Delhi for the overall advancement of its members. And every last bit of it comes while figuring out how to "kick, piece, and punch." Look at it thusly. Your tyke's first and greatest test comes not from "battling for his rights in the city," or "whipping the area spook." It comes, rather, from fighting more evil powers. 

The enquiry is, how would you get your tyke to battle these devils? You know the issue. Your youngster has an intense time notwithstanding revealing to you He/she's spooky by them. It doesn't mind how she/he may vanquish them.All things considered, the uplifting news is, We have a demonstrated arrangement. A program that has just worked. A progression of lessons your tyke can learn simpler than you might suspect. 

At the end of the day, when your youngster utilizes the teaching of Karate to vanquish his feelings of dread, he has the energy to exchange that train to every single other part of his life. I am aware of no other game that does this superior to Martial Arts training and classes at Janakpuri, Delhi, India.

Presently, you might be asking, how does this "qualities" stuff work? What's more, why does karate figure out how to make a superior showing with regards to showing it?

Once more, more than some other game, Mixed Martial Arts-MMA  classes allows your tyke to investigate her intrinsic forces. She'll wonder (as you will) as she increments in quality, adaptability perseverance, adjusts, and amicability. However, this is just the begin.

Truth be told, her physical abilities go about as an establishment for something a great deal more essential: the advancement of her esteem aptitudes, mental and profound. Also, not cut off from her physical abilities, but rather personally associated - even attached to them. Like this:

Truth be told, her physical abilities go about as an establishment for something a great deal more essential: the advancement of her esteem aptitudes, mental and profound. Also, not cut off from her physical abilities, but rather personally associated - even attached to them. Like this:

Martial Arts Classes Benefits:-

Solid Courage

Our tyke finds the valor to move outside of his customary range of familiarity. He wills himself to go up against more troublesome Mix Martial Arts-MMA moves and abilities. He turns into no longer perplexed of being afraid.As he does as such, he discovers that whatever he sows, so he harvests. He figures out how to accuse nobody, yet himself. He all of a sudden observes his life as a steady, ceaseless trip of nurturing improvement. In short, with a full breath, he declines to wind up plainly a casualty of destiny. He puts an arm bolt all alone fate. 


Staying Power 

Your youngster discovers happiness in enhancing her physical stamina. They can walk more remote, run longer, hone abilities until the point when she gets them right.In turn, she learns not to surrender. They sticks things out. With the assistance of her instructors, she endeavors harder, longer to contact her objectives. Regardless of the possibility that she falls flat, she continues on. She won't let her self questions hinder discovering extreme solutions.As the man stated, "Where execution is measured, execution progresses." Yet, your tyke needs to first acknowledge where he stands now. That implies measuring current qualities. Most importantly, he discovers that to succeed, he can't trick anybody, particularly himself.This brings about a quicker core interest. He figures out how to look at his instructor (and not simply in a martial arts training and classes in janakpuri. He gives careful consideration to what every educator says. He knows and acknowledges where he stands.


Intense Self Control 

She'll decline to offer into negative associated weight. She'll have further regard for rules. 


Enhanced Focus 

She'll realize what's required, alongside the expertise to "zero in" on basic main jobs. Ordinary, yet time-squandering, adolescence diversions won't get in her direction. 


Valiant Self Confidence 

Look as your youngster finds the fearlessness to open any entryway life brings to the table.

The landscape of today’s Mixed Martial Arts-MMA competitions encompasses a broad spectrum of fighting styles, from Western Boxing and Muaythai for standing and striking, to a Mixed of Martial Arts Styles to get the fight to the ground. But Jiu-Jitsu is still the go-to method of defense and attack once the fight hits the floor. Although it may seem intimidating to roll around on the ground while fighting, at Ultimate MMA Fight Club Delhi Training Center it is done in a controlled and friendly environment under the supervision of talented and helpful instructors. It is an amazing workout as well, involving muscles you may not be used to using, and it helps greatly with breath control and cardiovascular endurance.

If you decide to journey into the world of Mixed Martial Arts. You will receive high-level technical instruction in striking and wrestling and there will always be an emphasis on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because it is one of the cornerstones of MMA. The classes are meant for teaching proper technique and the skills and lessons learned will be useful in and out of the cage.

Our MMA class programs were developed by professional MMA instructors and fighters. These classes stress no-nonsense training in all ranges of fighting: kicking, punching, clinching and ground fighting. Students learn stance, footwork, and striking techniques, plus defense, grappling, takedowns, tackles, throws, positioning/controls, escapes/reversals and finishes/submissions.

Our Program:

Training program age 03 years to 13 years(sub-junior)
program age 14 years to 15 years(Cadet Training)
program age 16 years to 18 years(Junior Training)
program age 18 years to 30 years(Senior Training)

program age 30 years to above(Smart Senior Training)
training program- all age group(Women Self-defense)
program-above 10 years(Martial Arts Weapon Training)


Our Indoor Mixed Martial Arts Training Center located in Janakpuri, West Delhi, Delhi, India.. We provide outdoor personal and group classes in Delhi locations are: Vikaspuri, Hari Nagar, Delhi Cantt, Dwarka, Paschim Vihar, Punjabi Bagh, Nagloi, Sagarpur, Rajouri Garden, Tagore Garden, Gurugram, Lajpat Nagar, Saket, Vasant Vihar